Overcoming the fear of writing

Overcoming the fear of writing

If you enjoyed my recent series of writing tips, you’ll like this post.

Retired English teacher and business owner David Richards knows the importance of decent writing skills in achieving success — both in business and in life. He has two (only two) simple suggestions for those struggling to write well.

First, he says, follow the Nike slogan: Just do it. Don’t be intimidated by fear of the blank page.

Writing is like a child learning a game. Do you remember when you were a child and entered the playground to engage in some sport with your playmates? Did you know the rules? Of course not.

You learned to play as you went along, he explains. Same with writing — just jump in and go for it.

David’s second tip:

There has to a beginning, a middle and an end… So make sure you have introduced your subject, presented some material to support that subject and conclude with your findings or recommendations.

OK, it’s not quite that simple. But as I explained recently in my own series of writing tips, a good outline is a great way to begin. And well-begun is half done.

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