Quick Editing Tip

Quick Editing Tip

Writing good copy is tough. So when the words finally start flowing, you don’t want to blow it by having to stop and look up last year’s 3rd quarter sales revenues, or to look up another word for “appealing.”

Instead, just keep writing, but leave yourself a signal. A marker. A reminder that you need to go back and fill in that information later.

What kind of signal or marker? You pick it. It can be anything — except a word, of course. I often use a string of asterisks, like this: *****

Then later, when the fever of composing has cooled, I can mop my brow, go back, hit the old Ctrl+F (the keyboard shortcut for “Find”) and quickly locate every instance of *** Voila! Editing made simple. OK, simpler.

Try it next time you’re on a roll. You’ll be editing like the pros when you do.

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