Create your Marketing Plan before lunch

Create your Marketing Plan before lunch

Do you anguish over creating a Marketing Plan for your small business, or the business you hope to start one day? Ivana Taylor at The DIY Marketers has compiled a Quick & Easy Marketing Plan. This is the kind of high-altitude view that helps you stay on-course while you’re doing the actual marketing work.

When she says quick and easy, she isn’t kidding. To get rolling, just answer seven simple questions (which you should already know the answers to) and you’re on your way:

  1. Describe your ideal customer and what’s important to him/her.
  2. What do you want your marketing plan to accomplish?
  3. What competitive advantage do you have that will make it easy for them to choose you?
  4. What will you offer your customer that will make them choose you?
  5. How will you build a relationship with your customers?
  6. How will you measure success?
  7. What resources will you need to help you get there?

We’re all visual people to one extent or another, so one of Ivana’s best tips is finding a photo that most closely represents your Ideal Customer. Then create a collage, magazine cover or vision board around them, showing the things that are most important to them. Keep it in front of you and refer to it frequently while creating your marketing materials. Make sure what you’re writing has real meaning and value for your IC.

Read the complete article for additional inspiration.

  1. Ivana TaylorIvana Taylor10-13-2009

    This is a terrific summary of this article! Thanks so very much! Please let me know how this is working for you. I’m always interested in making the outline shorter, easier and more intuitively obvious and inspiring to implement!

  2. Tom McKayTom McKay10-13-2009

    You’re welcome, Ivana. I’m always happy to pass along the fruits of someone else’s hard work. 😉

    Last February I posted my own version of what I called the World’s Shortest, Easiest Business Plan. I’d love to hear your opinion.

  3. JohnmillergJohnmillerg10-31-2009

    Fantastic article with valid information, Its really a quick marketing plan i feel it will be very effective, very informative post thanks

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