Selling yourself — or anything else

Selling yourself — or anything else

Writing a compelling cover letter for your resume is a lot like selling products and services. You need to be colorful, specific, and focus on what the reader needs and wants.

A business owner who is hiring recently posted some tips on Craigslist for how to write a hot cover letter. His tips sound a lot like the copywriting advice I recommend (and deliver) to my clients. To paraphrase:

  • It must answer our needs. Read the specific job requirements and address them — with examples. Don’t simply regurgitate the same old spiel. It’s boring and no one reads boring.
  • Be super clear and concise.
  • Be open and honest.

Whether you’re pitching a job or selling a service, you’d do well to read this. It’s excellent advice.

  1. Well said, finally a good report on this stuff

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