Seth: Write like a blogger (but not this blogger!)

Seth: Write like a blogger (but not this blogger!)

Write like a bloggerSeth says write like a blogger. Good advice.

The two biggies on Seth’s list that hit home for me were:

#3: Drip, drip, drip. Bloggers don’t have to say everything at once. We can add a new idea every day, piling on a thesis over time.

#9: Say it. Don’t hide, don’t embellish.

I’m always making the mistake of expanding and reworking and polishing my posts to make them as complete and “stand-alone” as possible. Must be the ex-journalist in me. As a result, a single post can take me an hour, or two or three. Not necessary. And who’s got the time?

As a result of all this pseudo-perfectionism, I don’t manage to post very often. Seth has something to say about that, too:

#8: Show up. Not writing is not a useful way of expressing your ideas. Waiting for perfect is a lousy strategy.

(Slapping myself in the face) Thanks for the reminder, Seth.

PS: Success (sort of)! I managed to write, edit and upload this post (with a photo, no less!) in about 20 minutes. Is that good? It is for me!

Photo by lapideo

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