Simple conversation — over a powerful new medium

Simple conversation — over a powerful new medium

Word of mouth is a powerful way to spread the good word (and the not-so-good ones) about your company– or a company like Dell.

The newest and most powerful ways for word of mouth to spread are via blogs. They’re going mainstream fast, as Rick Segal points out below. Millions of eyes and ears are hearing one guy’s blog rant about Dell’s lousy service. It’s pinging far beyond the blog/ IT/ geek world… even to bank tellers on their lunch break.

“Lots of people (Dell?) are making the assumption that ‘average people’ or ‘the masses’ don’t really see/read blogs so, we take a little heat and move on.

Big mistake.

That interchange probably cost Dell at least two sales and lord only knows how many over time. And those lost sales are coming from a feedback system that didn’t matter a few years ago.” Link

Business owners and marketing mavans: ignore the implications at your peril. “Simple” conversations are shifting from one-to-one… to millions of people at a time, all around the world. And these conversations carry credibility that even million dollar ad budgets can’t match.

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