So these two communications geeks walk into a pub…

So these two communications geeks walk into a pub…

Had a sunny outdoor lunch today overlooking the Portland (Maine) harbor, chatting with a fascinating fellow: an entrepreneur, web site designer, and absolutely superb communicator. Rich Brooks owns flyte new media in Portland’s Old Port and is an active and excellent blogger. He not only writes his own blog but he was invited to be a contributor to the reincarnated Business Blog Consulting. (You can read his first post, “Can Technorati Compete?” here.)

Rich was kind enough to mention me (in a flattering way!) on his blog today. (Guess that lunch was a good investment!) 😉 Privately he has also taken the time to offer feedback, suggestions, and praise as I try to figure out what I’m doing here with this ol’ blog of mine.

Anyway, this blog is all about business communications — and this guy really knows how to write. His blogs and web sites not only deliver necessary and valuable information, they generally do it in a fun, intimate, un-self-conscious way. It’s quite endearing and is a great way to build your brand.

For an example of what I’m talking about, take a look at the opt-in and confirmation emails you receive when you sign up for his free newsletter (which is very good, btw). Those email responses may seem routine and unimportant to you. But Rich’s demonstrate the kind of friendly “voice” and deft, humorous writing that can be so valuable in forging lasting and loyal relationships with customers.

How’s your company voice? Is it friendly, or formal? Stiff, or sassy? What does it say about you, your company, your people? What should it say?

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