Update: Lemonade Dispute Ends in 'Merger'

Update: Lemonade Dispute Ends in 'Merger'

Hizzoner has stepped in and refereed a settlement to the Great Sausage Smackdown. See below Marketing communications lesson #76: Don’t make a jerk of yourself

“A dispute between two boys hawking lemonade and a rival vendor who forced police to shut down their unlicensed stand was resolved Wednesday after the mayor orchestrated what he called ‘a corporate merger.’ Mayor Stanley Usovicz said sausage stand owner Kevin Kefalas agreed to allow Dominic Serino, 9, and Ryan Decker, 11, to operate as subcontractors under his vending license following an impromptu outdoor meeting initiated by the mayor.” Link

Whew. Now let’s hope he doesn’t try to slip the kids any undercooked sausages…

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