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Today’s Web Design Secret Weapon

WordPress is the rock-solid software platform that powers hundreds of thousands of today’s finest business websites, online stores, blogs, etc.

Big names like CNN’s Political Ticker, the official NFL blog, the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D(igital) and thousands more have embraced it. WordPress has become the de facto standard for most Web designers for one simple reason.

It’s awesome.

Why should you care?

WordPress saves web designers days of development time, so I can create your killer website in a fraction of the time (at a fraction of the cost) it took back in the olden days, when everything was hand-coded in HTML. Bottom line: WordPress saves me hours of development time, and that saves you buckets o’ bucks — without sacrificing quality or style.

Bonus: It’s so easy to use, you can update your website and make changes yourself. No need to hire a pricey designer just to change a headline or add a photo.

Bingo! You just saved some more!

And that’s just the beginning…

Discover how powerful and effective your small-business website can be. Contact me to discuss your particular needs and budget.

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