Which costs more, pizza or porn(.com)?

Which costs more, pizza or porn(.com)?

Well, duh. Porn, of course. Well, at least it costs more if you want it as your Web domain.

Yahoo’s Christopher Null reports that domain name pizza.com just sold for a cool $2.6 million — a lot of dough. (Sorry.)

But it didn’t even crack the top ten most expensive domain names ever sold. The uh, “winners” and their selling prices, according to Null:

1. Sex.com, $12.5 millionPizza or porn?
2. Porn.com, $9.5 million
3. Diamond.com, $7.5 million
4. Business.com, $7.5 million
5. Casino.com, $5.5 million
6. Asseenontv.com, $5 million
7. Korea.com, $5 million
8. Wine.com, $3.3 million
9. Creditcheck.com, $3 million
10. Vodka.com, $3 million

Wait — somebody actually spent $5 million on #7, “Asseenontv.com?” It took me a couple of minutes to suss out what it meant. (Ass… eeno… wha?) That’s one domain that might actually be better (or clearer, at least) hyphenated: “as-seen-on-tv.com.” Hmmm…

No, too late. It’s already taken. I just checked.

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