Why introduce shoppers to your competition?

Why introduce shoppers to your competition?

So you can show how much better your product is. Saturn is launching a bold marketing initiative this summer. Dealers are bringing in a Toyota Camry and a Honda Accord, so car shoppers can test-drive the competition — right at the Saturn dealership.

“In that side-by-side comparison, we come out really well,” said GM’s Mark LaNeve.

Later this year, Chevrolet dealers will be doing the same thing. As those characters in the Guinness TV ads say, “Brilliant!” Reminds me of the old Pepsi Challenge.

Does your product or service flatten the competition in head-to-head competition? Could you set up an on-site comparison test of your own?

  1. greenhornetgreenhornet05-29-2007

    If your product can stand up to the challange and win as I believe The Saturn Aura can, I like the idea as it shows real confidence in their product as GM has not done lately. Much more relevent today than “baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet”, buy American adds.

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