Write a great proposal, win your next client

Write a great proposal, win your next client

Writing a proposal is one of the more common kinds of business writing. If your hands shake at the mere thought of writing such an intimidating document, Neil Tortorella has some helpful suggestions.

Neil is a graphic designer, so his examples lean in that direction, but his basic principles apply to your business, too.

Neil insists a good proposal — not a portfolio bulging with flashy samples — is what wins clients and gigs these days. My experience has been the same. He says, “If I get to the point of doing a project proposal, nine times out of ten, I’ll land the gig.”

Here’s he he organizes his proposals:

1. Executive Summary
2. Current Situation
3. Project Goals
4. Competition
5. Audience
6. Creative & Marketing Strategies
7. Process
8. Fees & Reimbursements
9. Billing & Schedule
10. Conclusion
11. Company Overview
12. Clients
13. Awards

It’s a lot, but that’s what it takes to win the gig.

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