Why you, the business owner, are the best person to write your website

Why you, the business owner, are the best person to write your website

I know this will sound like heresy, coming from a longtime professional copywriter like me. In fact, it’ll probably get me drummed out of the swanky and ultra-exclusive Copywriter’s Club.

I humbly submit that you, the business owner, are far more qualified than I am to write the copy for your website. Why? Lots of reasons:

  • You know far more about your business than I (or any other copywriter) ever will.
  • You talk to your customers every day. You know why they buy, and why they don’t. You hear their objections, and know exactly how to respond.
  • Because you own the business, your success is much more important to you than to any hired gun.
  • You’re probably more focused on the goal, which is (or should be) attracting more customers. Some copywriters (too many) view your website as a chance to show how clever they are. Your site becomes just another little part of their portfolio.

There’s only one problem with you writing your own website copy, and it’s a biggie.

You’re probably not a very good writer.

That’s not a criticism, just a fact. After all, writing is probably not an important part of your everyday skill set. You’re an expert at doing what you do — not writing about what you do.

Oh, you might be able to write a good article or blog post. But writing a web page that instantly connects with a half-interested visitor? One that establishes trust? A Web site that actually sells? That is a very tough assignment — as you know if you’ve ever tried it yourself.

BTW, that’s why good copywriters are in high demand — and why they can charge an arm and a leg. Oh sure, there are typists writers who will crank out your entire website for a couple hundred dollars. They’re generally novices who hang out on places like elance or guru.com. Some even grew up speaking English! But don’t expect them to deliver the kind of results a top gun would.

So if you can’t afford to hire the best, why not try doing it yourself?

This is the first in a series of blog posts written specifically for small-business owners and service providers. (OK, marketing people with slashed budgets can join in, too.)

Based on my 25+ years of experience writing websites, sales letters, landing pages, and ads — not to mention writing for newspapers, magazines, and radio-TV — I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to rewrite your website so that it accomplishes your #1 goal: bringing in leads.

If you do it right, leads turn into customers, and that means money in your pocket. If a website doesn’t generate leads, it’s little more than an expensive brochure.

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