Writing Secret #4: "Hook" Them with Benefits

Writing Secret #4: "Hook" Them with Benefits

Your readers are only human. They glance at your sales letter (or brochure, memo, Web site – whatever) and wonder, “Hmmm… What’s this? What’s it about? Should I bother reading it? Why? What’s in it for me?”

To hook their interest, you must give them compelling reasons to continue reading. Those reasons are called benefits.

How to uncover benefits

I’ve already briefly explained the differences between benefits and features.

To discover the benefits hiding in your sales message or memo, you need to make your message about them, not you. About how they’ll… uh, “benefit” from doing whatever you’re asking them to do.

So ask yourself questions like:

  • Will this information save them money? Save time? Make their work easier? If so, tell them why!
  • Will it help the company grow? Reduce layoffs? Improve their job security? Tell them how!
  • Will they earn more money? Feel better about themselves? Help others? Tell them!

Then massage your message to bring out those benefits. Put them under the spotlight, front and center. Don’t assume that your readers will spot those benefits or figure it out for themselves. They won’t. It’s not that they’re dumb. They’re just busy. Distracted. Remember, they’re probably reading with only partial attention. So tell them — loud and clear!

Always present benefits in a clear and compelling way that resonates with your readers.

If you’re writing to salespeople, you’ll get their attention by telling them how to make bigger commissions.

Writing to customers or prospects? Explain how you deliver more value, lower cost, or whatever makes your offer unique.

Important: Be sure you emphasize benefits that appeal to the specific audience you’re addressing.

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